Lucky Races

Season Pass (RacerPass)

Every Race Season Earn XP to Gain Cosmetic Items and Access Special Events
NOTE: Racers DO NOT require a Season Pass to receive $SLIVER rewards from races.


  • Every 6 weeks in real-world time is a Race Season.
  • At the end of each Race Season, all XP resets and a new Race Season begins.
  • Racers will keep all of their unspent $SLIVER winnings and unique cosmetic items from previous Race Seasons.

Season XP

  • XP will be rewarded to any Racer with a Season Pass that participates in a Race.
  • XP is earned through:
    • Joining a Race.
    • Race Actions.
    • Crossing the Finish Line.
  • Racers that Win or Place are rewarded with bonus XP in addition to all XP gained during the Race.
  • Racers also gain XP by completing Race Challenges.
  • As each Racer accumulates XP, the Racer will Level Up.
  • When a Racer reaches a new Level, they receive any cosmetic items or bonuses for that level.