Lucky Races

Wrapped Racers

Opening up the Racerverse to include external ERC-721 NFTs
Note: Wrapped Racers are not yet live. This is about an upcoming release.

What is a Wrapped Racer?

A Wrapped Racer is an ERC-721 NFT that Lucky Races creates to match an external NFT.
  • Wrapped Racers can race and win $SLIVER.
  • There's no special advantage in-game for either Original Racers or Wrapped Racers. See our page on Provable Fairness.
While Original Racers are special NFTs that we created for the Lucky Races world, we think that everyone should have the chance to race! So we've built a way to bring all kinds of NFTs into the Racerverse.

Does creating a Wrapped Racer harm my external ERC-721 NFT?

No! Creating a wrapped racer leaves your external ERC-721 fully intact. We don't touch it at all.

Does selling or transferring my external ERC-721 NFT affect my Wrapped Racer ERC-721?

No! You can sell or transfer your external NFT and it won't have any effect on your Wrapped Racer NFT. You can continue to use your Wrapped Racer in Lucky Races.

If I sell an external NFT and still have the Wrapped Racer, can the new owner of the external NFT do anything to my Wrapped Racer?

No. The new NFT owner will be unable to create their own Wrapped Racer from that NFT until your Wrapped Racer is de-registered via melting.

How do I check if an NFT is currently registered before I buy it?

TBA link here

Can I bridge in any external ERC-721 NFT?

We are staring with specific collections during the BETA and plan to open up to a wider audience.

Wrapped Racer Mythology

Coming soon...

How does it work?

  • Verify you are a holder of an external NFT collection that is approved for the Racerverse.
  • Mint exactly one Wrapped Racer ERC-721 NFT that matches your external ERC-721 NFT.
  • This Wrapped Racer will have its own unique DNA.
  • Only one Wrapped Racer matched to this base NFT can exist at a time.
  • Your Wrapped Racer may be sold or transferred since it is a standard ERC-721.
  • Wrapped Racers can be de-registered through a melting mechanism.
  • If the Wrapped Racer is ever melted, a new Wrapped Racer matching the same external ERC-721 NFT can be created. The new Wrapped Racer's DNA will be different than the previous Wrapped Racer based on this NFT.

Can I bridge my Wrapped Racer to another chain?

No, it might cause the universe to explode due to recursion.