🀩What Makes Lucky Races Special

There is a lot to like.

Live Multiplayer Blockchain Races

  • On-chain gaming that offers true player agency + choice with every Play Phase.

  • Emergent gameplay that rewards strategy while allowing for anything to happen!

  • Browser-based 3D viewer to interact with smart contracts.

Play-to-Earn $SLIVER Tokens

Lucky Races DAO

  • $SLIVER is also the governance token for Lucky Races.

  • Each $SLIVER token is a vote in the Lucky Races DAO - if you hold 10,000 $SLIVER, you have 10,000 votes on every proposal that goes in front of the DAO.

    • The DAO votes together to decide when/how to:

    • Modify entry fees + payouts.

    • Adjust game mechanics.

    • Introduce new game mechanics.

      • low barrier to get proposals onto testing network.

      • high barrier to get proposals onto the main network.

  • Onboard other NFT communities into the Racerverse.

  • Spend the marketing budget

  • Expand onto a new chain (e.g. Solana, ImmutableX)

  • Etc.

High Quality 3D Original Racer NFTs

  • Our cutting-edge art production pipeline means that we can make procedural art that looks amazing.

  • These Original Racers NFTs will form the core of our community.

  • But they're not all we've got in store....

Metaverse of Wrapped Racer NFTs

  • We're building out a bridge for creating a Wrapped Racer.

  • This enables any external ERC-721 NFT to join Lucky Races and earn $SLIVER.

Multichain Approach

  • We want to be on all the chains and networks!

  • Starting by selling Original Racer Keys on 6 chains:

    • Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Optimism, and Arbitrum.

  • Gameplay will Beta launch on Polygon and come to other chains next.

Awesome Team

  • Lucky Races is the game we're meant to make.

  • We're a team of experts in interactive art, 3D, game design, and software engineering.

  • We will always put the player experience first, because we're longtime gamers and we've been through it all.

  • Join us on the adventure of a lifetime as we realize a long held dream to make a game that's fun, fair, and feels good.

Huge Vision

  • Tens of thousands of Racers together on a shared track across chains. 🀯

The Community

Join the Racer community at https://discord.gg/luckyraces

Much More To Come

We're full of ideas and working hard. There's lots we want to include post launch, so come along for the ride and we'll get there together!

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