🎁Item Boxes and Inventory

What will you get?


  • Certain sections of track contain Item Boxes.

  • Driving over an Item Box adds a random Item to a Racer's Inventory.

  • Racers may use their Inventory Items during the next Play Phase.

Item Boxes

  • Item Boxes may be triggered by any number of Racers during a Play Phase without cooldown.

  • Item Boxes always contain an Item.

  • Items are two types: Instant or Deployed Items


  • A Racer's Inventory contains ONE item.

  • If a Racer triggers an Item Box with an Item already in their Inventory, the new Item will replace their current Item.

  • If a Racer triggers multiple Item Boxes during a move, their Inventory will contain the contents of the last Item Box they triggered.

Using Items

  • A Racer may not acquire and use an Item during the same Play Phase.

  • When a Racer uses an Item, that item is removed from their Inventory.

See the Items page for more details about specific items.

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