Lucky Races

Original Racers

The Original Racers that started it all.

Mythology of Original Racers

See Lore and Story to find out more about where the Racers came from!

What is an Original Racer?

An Original Racer is an ERC-721 NFT from Lucky Races.
It grants you ownership of a unique Original Racer and access to all the benefits that come with ownership.

What Blockchain is the Original Racer on?

  • Original Racers NFTs live on Ethereum. We may build bridges to other chains in the future depending on community needs.

What can I do with my Original Racer?

  • Enter into races against other Racers or Racer AIs to win $SLIVER.
  • Hold it in your wallet to attract drops of friends and $SLIVER.
  • Permanently destroy your Racer - melt it down and you will receive all of the $SLIVER that it contains.
  • Enhance your Pro Pass by infusing your Racer with more $SLIVER.

What assets does an Original Racer come with?

  • High Quality Image (.PNG)
    • 2000px x 2000px .PNG static renders
  • 360 Rotation Movies (.MP4)
    • 2000px x 2000px video of Rotating Original Racer
  • Metaverse Ready 3D Models (.GLB) Post-Launch
    • 3D files retextured w/ PBR materials
  • Augmented Reality files (.USDZ) Post-Launch
    • See your Original Racer anywhere

How are the assets hosted?

We're hosting everything on IPFS and pinning with Piñata so that your assets are decentralized.

How is the metadata hosted?

We'll run a metadata server while we finalize the formats, but there will be a set date at which NFT metadata will be uploaded to IPFS and frozen.

How do I get an Original Racer?

  • In order to mint an Original Racer, you must first acquire a minting key.
  • This rare key can be used to retrieve your racer at your command.

What is the License for my Original Racer?

You can view the most up-to-date license at