Lucky Races


Where things happen

The Planet

A mix of land and water. Generally hospitable to life.

The Three Moons

Three moons circle The Planet: The Near, The Far and the Very Far.
Ancient Racers are rumored to have visited The Near, but since The Great Calamity, no Racer has gathered enough $SLIVER to make the journey.
Some Factions are putting teams together to find out what's on The Three Moons. Their success is far from certain.

The Supervolcano

The Racers were unaware of its existence until The Great Calamity.
Dormant for thousands of years, it looms large over the planetary landscape.
Will it erupt again? I'm sure The Scientists are working on it....

The Oceans

There are six named oceanic zones on The Planet:
  • Crystal Sea
  • Tides of Rhead
  • Dardurn's Deep
  • Ecktonia Waters
  • Rainy Gulf
  • Bluest Bay

The Lands

The main landmasses on The Planet are:
  • Phantom Territory
  • Grand Plateau
  • Emerald Expanse
  • Middle Sanctuary
  • The Unnamed Provinces

The Cities

Building roads and tracks takes cooperation. Naturally, this led to create great concentrations of innovation and contemporary wonder.
  • Burrow Terminal
  • Epiphany Base
  • Aeternitas
  • Hemera By-The-Sea
  • Centre Station
  • Odyssey Park

The Ancient Tracks

The first tracks are lost to the wastes of time and The Great Calamity. Only ruins remain, scattered around The Lands. While few ancient tracks have endured, there are seven tracks of historical significance that draw great crowds of touring Racers every Season.
  • Obelisk Island
  • Epoch Dome
  • The Waterway
  • Mount Diablo
  • Mystic Circle
  • Edgewood
  • Ancestor Arena