Lucky Races

Provable Fairness

Equal opportunity for all, provable on the blockchain

No Gameplay Advantage to Original Racers or Wrapped Racers

It doesn't matter whether you're driving an Original Racer or a Wrapped Racer, you've still got to count on your strategy and your wits to win a race. They operate exactly the same in-game.

No Hidden Information During Races

During the play phase, every player can see the same state of the track:
  • Location and current speed of all Racers.
  • Racer max speed, acceleration, and handling attribute values.
  • Racer inventories (which items a racer holds).
  • Hazard locations & their effects.
  • Past Racer choices.

Items For Sale DO NOT Affect In-Game Gameplay

Items that are for sale or given via airdrop will not affect in-game gameplay.

Random Numbers

When we process every play phase, we use Chainlink VRF to generate new random numbers on-chain. That VRF number seeds a pseudo random number generator that produces further randomness needed for the game.
We do this to avoid hacks that come from using Solidity's built-in randomness algorithms, which are vulnerable to attack.