Lucky Races


NFTs that do more.

Kinds of Racers

Racers are purchased as NFTs.
  • There are two types of Racers: Original Racers, and Bridged Racers.
  • Original Racers are Racers minted from the Lucky Races NFT Launch.
  • Wrapped Racers are Racers minted when a Player bridges a metaverse NFT (BAYC, SVS, etc.) into Lucky Races.

Style Attributes

  • Vehicle
  • Wheels
  • Side Attachments
  • Racer Body
  • Goggles
  • Helmet
  • & colors for all of the above

Performance Attributes

When a Racer is minted, it is assigned 3 Performance Attributes based on its randomly-generated DNA:
  • Speed - How many spaces a Racer can move forward without effects.
  • Acceleration - How long it takes a Racer to reach Top Speed.
  • Handling - How well a Racer can Change Lanes. Reduces lane change penalty.
These attributes are assigned by procedurally distributing points from a pool into each category among each of the performance .