Lucky Races
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On-Chain Gaming

Fun, fair, cheater-free.

Fully On-Chain

  • Every action taken by players or the game is a transaction.
  • This means that players get an experience free from cheaters, making the game fun and fair for everyone.
  • Verifiable histories mean that issues can be quickly isolated and addressed.
  • The speed that we can operate the game is limited to how fast Blockchains can update.
    • We've adopted a Phase-Based Gaming approach where players take their turns together during the Play Phase and actions are processed simultaneously by our on-chain game loop.

Polygon L2 Blockchain

  • We chose Polygon as our first Blockchain to enjoy improved:
    • Speed.
    • Scalability.
    • Gas Prices.
  • We use Chain Link oracles for on-chain randomness and scheduling functions for our game loop.
  • VRF and Keepers are both available on Polygon