Lucky Races

Minting Details

10,000 Original Racers will be minted. Get Racer Key -> Redeem in Next Batch-> Original Racer.


We're selling ERC-1155 Racer Keys on multiple chains: Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Optimism and Arbitrum.
An ERC-1155 is a kind of NFT where there are many of the same NFT. Here, there are many Racer Keys that each unlock a unique Original Racer.
When you choose to redeem your ERC-1155 Racer Key, we mint on-demand, create brand new assets, and send you an Original Racer ERC-721 NFT on Ethereum!

How to get an Original Racer NFT:

  1. 1.
    Purchase Racer Keys (ERC-1155) on a supported Blockchain.
  2. 2.
    When you're ready, redeem your Keys on the same Blockchain the Keys were purchased on.
  3. 3.
    Your Original Racer NFTs (ERC-721) will be sent on the Ethereum blockchain to the redeeming address.


Racer Keys each cost 0.08 ETH or 0.08 WETH (wrapped ETH) to start, depending on which chain you choose. Pricing is tiered; as the sale continues, the price of each tier will increase.

What does my $$$ get me?

  • High quality, 3D NFTs.
    • We've got a procedural art pipeline that creates results that are simply incredible.
  • Access to the Lucky Races Beta game
    • The only on-chain, multiplayer racing game where your actions matter.
  • Earn $SLIVER tokens
    • You'll be able to earn $SLIVER before anyone else during the Beta period
    • $SLIVER is also your vote in the Lucky Races DAO​
    • Earn $SLIVER tokens just for holding an Original Racer.

Important Information:

  • Outside of this documentation, official key sale information will be posted ONLY on our Discord and Twitter. These are to be treated as the source of truth.
  • Each key currently costs 0.08 ETH on Ethereum, Optimism, and Arbitrum, or 0.08 WETH (wrapped ETH) on Polygon, Avalanche, and Fantom.
  • We will enforce a purchase limit of 3 keys per wallet.
  • A total of 10,000 Original Racers will be minted.
  • Racers may be melted down to their $SLIVER and permanently destroyed at the will of the owner, thus reducing the overall supply and increasing rarity.
  • Original Racer owners will be eligible for airdrops of future NFTs and $SLIVER. They will form a recognizable core of the Racerverse.


Notes / Links
Creators Mint Promotional Keys
Creators will mint 100 keys for the founding team and 100 keys for community giveaways.
Key Sale Opens to Allow List
Members of our Discord and Twitter Community with Allow List access will be able to mint an ERC-1155 Racer Key during this period on our Key Sale page.
Key Sale Opens to All
The remaining keys will be available to the public on a first come, first served basis. A 5 per wallet limit will be enforced. Available on our Key Sale page.
Key Redemption Opens
Around 3/15/2022
Choose to redeem your Racer Key in the next batch from our Redemption page.​
Key Sale Ends
When all Original Racers are sold.
Key Redemption Ends (?)
1 Year from Start - 2/15/2023
We'll swap every Original Racer ERC-1155 Racer Key for an Original Racer ERC-721 on Ethereum.

Multichain Key Sale Details

  • You begin by purchasing an Original Racer ERC-1155 Racer Key on our Key Sale Page.
    • ERC-1155 Racer Keys are available on a number of networks: Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Optimism and Arbitrum.
  • Redeem your key on the same network you bought it on using our Key Redemption Page.
    • You can choose when to redeem your key for an Original Racer ERC-721, or you can wait until the deadline - at which point all keys will be automatically redeemed.
  • Original Racer ERC-721 NFTs that are redeemed will be minted into your wallet on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • The assets for your racer will be created on-demand in the next asset batch and uploaded to IPFS at that time.
  • You will discover all the traits and personality of your racer when the metadata and assets for this batch are revealed!

How much does it cost?

  • The current price is 0.08 ETH on Ethereum or 0.08 WETH (Wrapped ETH) on other chains.
  • You'll also need some ETH for gas on Ethereum, or whatever the native token is for other chains.
    • MATIC on Polygon
    • Avax on Avalanche
    • FTM on Fantom
    • Bridged ETH on Optimism and Arbitrum
  • Key Redemption is an additional transaction that costs gas.
    • We've taken steps to reduce these costs as far as possible by creating a multi-chain key sale and redemption process. We're happy to provide low-gas options like Avalanche, Polygon, Arbitrum, Fantom, and Optimism.

Can I trade or sell my ERC-1155 Racer Key?

  • Original Racer Keys are standard ERC-1155 tokens and may be sold or transferred at any time until redeemed.
  • Transfers and sales of your Original Racer ERC-1155 Racer Key are disabled at the time of redemption. Your ERC-1155 will be burned after the batch mint.
  • You’ll be able to transfer/sell the ERC-721 Original Racer NFT once it arrives.

What does redeeming an Original Racer Key do?

  • First, it marks the ERC-1155 as "ready-to-mint" in the next batch.
  • Then, we mint your Original Racer ERC-721 on Ethereum.
  • At the same time, we burn your ERC-1155 on the chain it came from.
  • Then we create the assets for your new Original Racer NFT.
  • You'll see what it looks like when its metadata is revealed with the next batch!

When will I get my Original Racer?

  • Once the minting for the current batch is complete, we will prepare images, videos, and 3D files for each new Original Racer.
  • When all of the files are ready, we'll start serving different metadata for everyone in the batch at the same time, so you'll see what your Original Racer looks like then.
  • In the meantime, you will see placeholder art.