Lucky Races

Lucky Races DAO

Creating the best game we can, together!

What is it the Lucky Races DAO?

A DAO is a "Decentralized Autonomous Organization" - while the term has a variety of meanings, here we use it to refer to the community governance of the Lucky Races game.
The DAO will help guide the game's development. The community will create and vote on proposals to adjust gameplay, introduce new mechanics, and expand onto new chains.
Additionally, the DAO will decide how to spend money from the treasury.
Your $SLIVER, your vote, your voice!

How does $SLIVER fit in?

Each $SLIVER token is a vote in the Lucky Races DAO - if you hold 10,000 $SLIVER, you have 10,000 votes on every proposal that goes in front of the DAO.

What kinds of proposals might come up for a vote?

The DAO votes together to decide when/how to:
  • Modify entry fees + payouts.
  • Adjust game mechanics
  • Introduce new game mechanics
    • low barrier to get proposals onto testing nets
    • high barrier to get proposals onto the main nets
  • Onboard other NFT communities into the Racerverse
  • Spend the marketing budget
  • Expand onto a new chain (e.g. Solana, Immutable X)
  • Etc.

Where does money for the DAO treasury come from?

A percentage of race fees, item sales, and revenue from wrapping external NFTs into the game.

How do I vote?

We will have a space on Snapshot at LINK TBA

Where do I find out about new proposals?

We'll make announcements in the #new-dao-proposals channel on our Discord!

Where do we discuss proposals?

The #dao-chat channel in our Discord is where we'll start. We may start a discussion forum if people prefer more asynchronous, threaded discussions.