▢️Play Phase

Taking turns together.

What is a Play Phase?

The Play Phase is the part of the game where Players look at the track, decide on a strategy, and submit their choices to the game.

Each Play Phase is followed by a Processing Phase. Play Phases continue until the race is over.


  • Each play phase lasts for approximately XXX minutes.

  • During this time, players can submit their choices.

  • At the end of this period, the Game processes all choices and updates the Game state to open the next Play Phase.


During the Play Phase, each Player will take strategic Actions to progress through the Race.

There are two Actions:

  • Changing Lanes

  • Using Items

Changing Lanes

  • Players can help their Racers avoid Track Hazards and pick up Track Boosts by Changing Lanes.

  • Players see the entire Track ahead, and can plan their moves each Play Phase to maximize their Racer’s Performance during the Race.

  • When a Racer moves between lanes, that Racer loses Speed.

  • A Racer is allowed to change as many lanes as the Player would like, but must have Speed available to do so.

Using Items

If a Racer has an Item in its Inventory, the Player may choose to use that Item. Whether the Item is a Instant Item for their own Racer or a Deployed Item that creates chaos on the Track, using Items provides a strategic combat element to Races.

Forward Movement

After all Players have chosen Actions, Forward Movement is automatically done for each Racer depending on its Speed.

Players move forward even if they don't submit choices for lane changes or use an item.

Game Loop Execution Order

  1. Item Usage

  2. Lane Changes

  3. Forward Movement

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