Lucky Races
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Places for races.

Lanes + Spaces = Track

Tracks in Lucky Races are a collection of Lanes subdivided into Spaces.
  • Lanes run down the length of the track.
  • Spaces stretch across the width of the track.
Track Sectors may contain Items, Track Effects, and other Racers.

Track Sections

A Racer's current location at a specific lane and space is called a Track Section.


If a race uses laps, when a Racer reaches the last space on the track, they'll start again at the first space and the game will increment their lap counter.


Curves currently have no effect on races - whether you're on the inside or the outside of the track doesn't affect how long it takes you to drive through that space at this time.
We're experimenting with a number of ways to make curves work at scale, since we're planning to support races with dozens to thousands of racers on the same track.