🌍The Racerverse

Worlds collide.

What is the Racerverse?

For a long time, there was only The Planet.

Nobody's sure when the first Original Racers appeared.

Very little recorded history remains from before The Great Misfortune. Fragments and manuscripts are sometimes found in caches and caves, often during great adventure races between Factions.

Ancient texts describe imposing and majestic Tracks, where there were only Track Boosts and never any Track Hazards. While these tales are almost certainly apocryphal, their influence remains strong among certain Factions of The Racerverse.

After The Great Misfortune, Racer society rebuilt and flourished, spreading across The Lands and creating unique and fascinating cultures in The Cities.

While The Supervolcano lies dormant, Racers have begun to explore beyond the bounds set by their ancient forbears - going farther and faster than those first Racers could ever have imagined.

Is there anything else out there? Some look toward the stars, sensing that there must be other universes full of racers out there, just waiting to join The Racerverse.

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