🌟Key Redemption Details

How to turn your ERC-1155 Racer Key into an ERC-721 Original Racer NFT


  • Racer Keys are ERC-1155 tokens that can be redeemed for an Original Racer ERC-721 NFT.

  • You can buy & redeem keys on the following blockchains:

    • Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Arbitrum, and Optimism.

  • When you redeem your ERC-1155 key, you will receive an Original Racer ERC-721 NFT on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Redeeming your key puts you in the next batch for minting.

  • Minting starts the process of creating the assets and revealing metadata for your Racer.


What does redeeming an Original Racer Key do?

  • First, it marks the ERC-1155 as "ready-to-mint" in the next batch.

  • Then, we mint your Original Racer ERC-721 on Ethereum.

  • Next, we burn your ERC-1155 Racer Key on the chain it came from.

  • We start to create the assets for your new Original Racer NFT based on its fairly generated attributes.

  • You'll see what it looks like when its metadata is revealed with the next batch!


ActionDateNotes / Links

Key Redemption Opens

Around 3/15/2022

Choose to redeem your Racer Key in the next batch from our Redemption page.

Key Redemption Ends (?)

1 Year from Start

We'll swap every Original Racer ERC-1155 Key for an Original Racer ERC-721 on Ethereum

Can I trade or sell my ERC-1155 Racer Key?


  • Original Racer Keys are standard ERC-1155 tokens and may be sold or transferred at any time until redeemed.

  • Further transfers and sales of your ERC-1155 Racer Keys are disabled at the time of key redemption.

  • You’ll be able to transfer/sell the Original Racer ERC-721 NFT once it arrives on Ethereum.

When will I get my Original Racer?

  • Once the minting for the current batch is complete, we will prepare images, videos, and 3D files for each new Original Racer.

  • When all of the files are ready (typically Mondays), we'll start serving different metadata for everyone in the batch at the same time, so you'll see what your Original Racer looks like then.

  • In the meantime, you may see placeholder art.

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