A Who's Who of the Racerverse

The Hermits

A mysterious group of hermits that live in a forest above the clouds. Every once in a while they send down a capsule containing a new and wonderful contraption to the Racers.

The Scientists

They're really good at science. Ever since $SLIVER appeared on the landscape, they've been figuring out ways to use it for the Racers. They don't know everything, but they definitely know something.

The Racers

The Original Racers are a diverse group of creatures that enjoy a variety of types of races. They long to drive and you can usually find them on a track. Some belong to Factions, while many are independent. Others embrace a life of infamy as rogues and pirates.

Rumors of neighboring universes full of other Racers abound, but The Scientists are still looking for proof of their existence.

The Pirates

Unscrupulous renegade Racers have been known to appear out of nowhere and commandeer under-protected cargoes. Watch out, and stick together!

The Explorers

A group of Racers that eschews established Tracks, opting instead for the mystery and adventure of the open road.

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