Lucky Races

Melting Racer NFTs

The end is the beginning is the end.

Melting an Original Racer

Be warned, melting is permanent and you cannot re-mint your Original Racer once it has been melted.
  • When you decide to melt an Original Racer, your Original Racer ERC-721 NFT is burned, permanently reducing the supply.
  • The $SLIVER inside of it is released to your address at this time.

Melting a Wrapped Racer

Be warned, melting is permanent.
You can re-mint a new Wrapped Racer tied to the same external ERC-721 NFT, but it will have new attributes and stats.
  • Melting a Wrapped Racer temporarily reduces the supply of Wrapped Racers by burning that ERC-721.
  • At the same time, the Wrapped Racer is removed from the Wrapped Racer Registry.
  • Once a Wrapped Racer is de-registered, the current owner of the external NFT can mint a new Wrapped Racer tied to that external NFT.